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Photo courtesy of Aman Venice

Bucket List Hotel Bars and Restaurants in Europe


Take advantage of luxury hotels in Europe by making dining reservations to one of these bars and restaurants.  It’s worth splurging on an unforgettable dining experience with an extraordinary atmosphere without paying the price for a room.   


NICE- Hotel Negresco

Restaurant: The Chantecler is bright and intimate.  Right off the Promenade Anglais, this Michelin restaurant is discrete, it however knows how to put on a show when flambéeing or carving meat.  The cheese and dessert courses are rolled out and displayed like a jewelry box.  The service is beyond comparison. 


EZE- Chevre d’Or

Restaurant: Les Ramparts is perched in the medieval town of Eze, overlooking the mediterranean.  High-above, you can almost make out the yachts leaving a trail of waves.  A perfect lunch spot on the terrace surrounded by pergolas of jasmine, ivy and bougainvillea, will immerse you into the serenity of its extraordinary view.


VENICE- Aman Venice

Restaurant: Arva is situated on the Grand Canal.  You can schedule a water taxi to make a stop at the hotel’s private dock that leads to the grand entrance of this Venetian palazzo.  Eat under chandeliers and frescos in a setting that is so comfortable, the pianist will play a haunting tune that will ease you into a food coma.   


CAPRI- Caesar Augustus

Restaurant: Le Terrazza de Lucullo is pure heaven. The terrace looks out into the sea and is the perfect view for a romantic sunset dinner.  Check out the cliff-side gardens and check out what’s in season. 


LONDON- The Connaught

Bar: The Connaught Bar in Mayfair is of timeless elegance.  Drink a perfectly crafted cocktail in candlelight and relax on comfortable plush velvet chairs.   


PRAGUE- Hotel U Prince  

Bar: Black Angel’s Bar  is furnished in a speakeasy style and situated in a gothic cellar of the hotel.  It’s original roman stone walls truly evokes the feeling of secret gatherings and the drinks are uniquely crafted. 

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