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Image by Sydney Russakov

Europe's Natural Wonders

Natural wonders in Europe that are worth visiting


SWITZERLAND-  Located in the Lauterbrunnen Valley of Switzerland,  Trummelbach Falls are ten glacial water falls that are only accessible inside the mountain, which can be accessed by a tunnel lift.  Watch and listen in awe to the roaring sound as glacier water from the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau weaves and works it’s way down to the valley’s Trummelbach creek.


CAPRI- Take a 12 minute relaxing chairlift up to the summit of Monte Solaro, the highest peak in Capri. The observation deck offers 360 degree views of the Amalfi coast and the famous Faraglioni rock formation.  TIP: Save time to check out the Chiesa San Michele church, known for it’s intricate Majorca tiled floor fresco. 


AUSTRIA-  Hallstatt, the picturesque Austrian town is home to the oldest salt mine in the world.  Located 360 meters above the ground, you will sit single-file on a mining car, making your way deep inside the tunnels outfitted with overalls, a helmet and lamp.  Learn about the history of the Bronze Age and the people who lived 7,000 years ago.  The slides that take you from one tunnel to the next, are thrilling for the entire family.


FRANCE- Lake Annecy is the 3rd largest lake in France and is known as the “cleanest lake” in Europe due to strict environmental regulations.  The best way to enjoy the lake is to rent a small boat or take the popular bike path stretching about 30 miles and follows the trail of an old railway track, away from car traffic.  TIP: Take a break and stop for ice cream in the charming town of Talloires about half way around the lake from Annecy


GERMANY- Along the romantic Rhine river, the hiking trails lead you through castle and cathedral ruins and highly sloped vineyards.  One of the accessible trails end Stahleck Castle, now a youth hostel.   On the way up to the castle, you will pass the Wernerkapelle Ruin which offer sweeping views of the story book town of Bacharach.

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