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Wine diary: 5/28/16

This year, Miles and I celebrated Memorial Day in Seattle to accommodate new hire orientation at Amazon.  That weekend, we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island.  With little to do in the sleepy town, we opted for wine tasting.  It was worth the trip for the wine journal that Miles found in one of the tasting rooms.  I have been looking for this kind of diary, where I can document amazing moments centered around special wines.  Because it is easier to take a picture of the wine label instead of the tedious steps of soaking, peeling and pasting into my journal, I plan on writing out entries here.

Wine: Kerloo Cellars

Vintage: 2014

Region: Yakima Valley, WA

Grape Variety: Mourvédre

Place of Purchase: Canlis Restaurant

Price: $95

Cellar Location: Boushey Vineyard

Comments: Delicate and earthy on the palette with a delightful taste of a fragrant bouquet of roses.

From the amazing view, artfully presented food and top notch service, our dining experience at Canlis was unforgettable.  We chatted with Coventry, our waiter and one of the 5 sommeliers located at the restaurant.  We asked tons of questions which in fact was probably a good test of her knowledge for her upcoming exam.  During dessert, she presented us two remarkable wines and over sized sommelier grade glasses for us to try them in.  We tasted a Pinot Noir from 1989 and a Cayuse Syrah that was on another level.   After dinner, she gave us a tour of the special dining rooms, kitchen and brought us into their high security wine cellar.  We viewed the empty bottle of a $20,000 wine that was on display as their prized trophy.  She also showed us a couple hidden compartments where the owner stores his treasured wines.  Needless to say, we closed out the restaurant and walked away with memories that will last a lifetime.


This is what a $20,000 wine looks like

Have fun exploring! Jessica

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