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"Jessica planned our most recent trip to France and it was absolutely incredible! I had been there before, but this time around I really feel like I saw all of the hidden gems that are truly hiding in plain sight! We went to the Loire Valley to tour all of the castles and headed back to Paris to enjoy the city. She really tailored the activities to what we were looking for and I can't imagine what this trip would have been like without Jessica's expertise. Every location was spectacular, every activity was stellar, every meal was perfect; it was perfect. 


I trust her so much when it comes to traveling, and the best part is how little is required of me ahead of time. I want to have a fabulous vacation but I don't want to put all of the mental effort into planning it. What's better is that I still feel like I am in charge of my trip versus being part of a massive group and following a tour guide. 


Jessica, I trust you explicitly to plan all of my trips and I am already looking forward to the next one. "

Erika A. / Mesa, AZ

"This was my first trip to Copenhagen and it was absolutely amazing! I was able to show up without doing a lot of work ahead of time and had the best time! We saw so much and it was the perfect mixture of activity and leisure. If I hadn't used Jessica's services, I would have either spent way too much time planning a fabulous vacation, or I would have missed out on so many fun things. Jessica's services are worth every penny especially since there are so many places we want to travel, every trip counts and we don't want to miss out on anything. Thank you for all of the incredible memories Jessica!"

Erika A. / Mesa, AZ

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