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Unique Places To Stay

In Europe

Rest your head in one of these unique places to stay in Europe.

1. ST. EMILION:  Majestic chateaux dot the landscape in France.  You can stay in your very own castle in the Loire Valley and Bordeaux wine region.  The Château Grand Barrail Hôtel is a stunning castle that is a leisurely bike ride away from the historic wine region of St. Emilion.

2. TUSCANY:  Stay at a working farm and get your hands dirty working in the vineyards or work for your supper and help rolling out Pici pasta at an Agriturismo.

3. SWITZERLAND: Tucked away in the Appenzell region of the Swiss Alps, you can stay in a cliff-side Aescher Guesthouse.  Let the mountain scenery take your breath away.

5. SWEDEN: Stay in a hotel made out of ice and snow at the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi.  Available December through April until the weather heats up and the hotel is reincarnated the next cold season.

6. PUGLIA: A trullo is a traditional Apulian dry white stone hut with a cone roof.  Stay at Masseria Cervarolo built  in the 15 century.

7. ENGLAND:  Stay in a quaint thatched-roof cottage in the English countryside.  Many holiday homes are available for rent here

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